The Brighter Writer

MONDAY, APRIL 14, 2014

50 Shades Of Pewter Mug

Well, it's 4AM and with the majority of things starting to settle down in my life, apparently my brain isn't one of them because I'm wide awake writing to all of you.

A new house and a new job are starting to feel more like home and less like I'm painfully out of my element.


I'm getting to know and genuinely like my co-workers which is a welcomed change from having so much time off to sit around and worry about whether or not I was going to ever get to that level of comfort again.

The house is coming along.

We're still painting.

In the beginning, I was so excited to roll out that very first stroke on the wall but by the time the first room was finished I can assure you I was over it. Going from a grey to a light tan takes multiple coats even with primer included in the paint and the novelty of it wears off by the end of the first trim taping.

This Pewter Mug color was on every wall in the house.

Like, every wall.

While I can appreciate grey as much as the next guy, this much of it can certainly sour a mood.

It was like looking at Eeyore's ass everywhere I turned.

I've had enough.

My entire life I've gone with blacks, whites and greys. My couches were black leather, my picture frames were noirs and silvers, my side tables were slates. I'm ready to branch out a bit and add some color to my repertoire. Had I gotten a hold of this house 10 years ago, I would have loved the cloudy day fog / morgue look. However today, especially because we're buying this house in the dawn of spring time, I need a little light in my life!

You can see how the dark paint sucked out all of our natural light and made the ceilings feel low. This living room is such a great open space but it just felt so much like a cave. I spent time looking around on multiple websites and I found many homes where they could make this color work, but for us it just wasn't going to.

We didn't buy a monstrosity of a home. We bought a quaint, 3 bedroom house with the perfect amount of space for our little family, and it seemed like the houses that could pull this color off had giant vaulted ceilings and picture windows as tall as magic beanstalks. Either that or they used it in a more appropriate room such as a bathroom or bedroom, which we ended up doing in the long run as well.

You remember a couple weeks back when I posted this picture prior to our furniture arriving and our coffee cups being unpacked. We were still in patio furniture and camping cooler mode.

The carpal tunnel loving process has been seemingly endless and has caused the casualties of multiple cases of beer. So many outlets to unscrew, so much trim to tape off, so many trays to trip over, spills to wipe up, ladders to constantly relocate...

However in the end, I'm beyond satisfied with the outcome. Once the walls were dry, the furniture was delivered, and the Venetian blinds were put back up, it started to look much more like what I had in my head.

Obviously, the place could use a bit of personality, maybe an area rug, some art, photos, that sort of thing. But you get the idea. For now all we have is an early morning 4-year-old who refuses to look at the camera.

There is a very distinct line where we stopped at the kitchen wall. That's a project to be tackled later in the spring or maybe even early summer when we decide on colors and counter tops.

Project after project is slowly approaching and we're tackling them as financially steady as we can. One down, one million more to go!