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FRIDAY, JULY 5, 2013

A Glamping We Went: The Finale!

packed car with toddler

We survived!

Our campsite was booked Friday through Sunday and we made it until 9pm Saturday. This is half a day longer than our trip last summer so I'm going to clock it as a win. Kalynn cooperated a thousand times better, however the weather did not. We were rained out. But the 24 hours that our hot sun showed its steaming head, we did some pretty good quality time.

I didn't mean that to sound like we were in jail.


First thing first, we go snoop on everyone else's campsites to see if they have better stuff than we do. It gives us a good idea of all the things we need to buy for next time. In the process of doing this, it's a good time to grab the campground map and go check out the actual campsites. We circle and rate the best sites so that next time we visit, we have notes on which sites to book or not book. Depending on the amount of beer we've consumed, our notes and judgings keep us pretty entertained the next time we bust out the book. It's a very detailed 5-star rating. I keep all the maps in our camping notebook at home. Of course.

camping notebook to mark good campsites on campground map

To keep the little one busy, I staple her scavenger hunt list to a bag and she's on a mission in her own little world of outdoor adventures and treasure hunts. Binoculars get involved, butterfly nets are a must, and we don't even think about forgetting the magnifying glass. Tiny things are important to see.

camping scavenger hunt list stapled to bag for kids

Here's the jpg in case anyone wants to use our list:

camping scavenger hunt list

By now, we're hungry. So in addition to our bacon wrapped hot dogs, I make a side of camp veggies.

*5-6 cups cut up bite size pieces broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms, onions, squash, green beans and red bell pepper.
*1/4-1/2 cup butter
*1 envelope dry onion soup mix
*4-6oz grated Kraft Parmesan cheese

Add veggies and butter to Dutch oven and place on top of 20(ish) coals for 10-15 minutes. You want veggies to be tender but not over cooked so check often. When veggies are ready, add packet of dry onion soup mix and stir. Remove desired excess liquid and then sprinkle on cheese and mix. The veggie water, onion soup mix, and cheese make a very tasty sauce.

camping Dutch oven veggies with onion soup and parmesan cheese

We tried to hit the lake but it was short lived and started pouring rain in about 10 minutes so we headed back to camp.

camping at the lake with a bulldog

When the storm blew over, we brought out the s'mores and I ended up setting every single marshmallow aflame but whatever.

camping s'mores

The following day it rained almost all morning. While Kalynn napped, Jason and I sat under the rain tarp and ate everything in the cooler.

I don't think Guacamole left the front seat of the car more than 3 times the whole trip. Camping isn't her thing. Neither is energy or caring. Clearly.

sleeping bulldog

I don't know if you've seen these mesh pop-up food tents, but you can find them at the Dollar Tree or Target or wherever and they really come in handy when you're trying to keep the flies away.

camping mesh food tent

Our hand washing station:

smart camping handwashing station

Jason made a friend.

converse camping

I learned a couple of great tricks from a lady at work. 1: Buy cheap shower caps to put dirty camping shoes inside of when packing up. This way it keeps the rest of the things in my travel bag relatively clean.

shower cap for packing dirty shoes

2: Use an old CD stacker case for toilet paper storage. It makes a handy travel case and keeps it from getting wet and dirty from morning dew/ spilt beer/ dog slobber. Genius.

cd holder for toilet paper when camping

So we'll try again in a couple weeks and until then there's more planning to be done! Does anyone have any great camping recipes for our Dutch oven? Leave them in the comments!