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Alice in Wonderland /
Through the Looking Glass
Photo Shoot

I know I've gone missing the last 2 days. I've been in a photo editing haze. The following is my excuse:

So by now you know I'm pretty much a crazy person. I spend WAY too much time crafting, taking pictures, baking, cooking... But I'm going to have to say this project pretty much skyrockets me onto another level of crazy.

I'm an Alice in Wonderland FANATIC. (Yes, FANATIC absolutely deserves the capital letters AND the italics.) I have been since I was a little girl. Over the 31 years I've been around, I've collected enough Alice in Wonderland / Through the Looking Glass memorabilia to open a museum. Some of it is on display in Kalynn's nursery, but the expensive stuff, the stuff I've had shipped from different countries and out of print collector's stuff, that's all packed away for safe keeping. Safe Keeping = when no children live in my house.

Kalynn was Alice 2 Halloweens ago, but her costume was gigantic on her. A year and a half later, here I am spending sleepless nights making a tiny room from a box for this insane photo shoot I've been dreaming about. The SECOND I found out I was having a little girl this photo shoot began bouncing around in my brain. It was even on my bucket list. The time has finally come.

I know I'm not getting any rewards here for this, but I would like to thank my husband for allowing my delusional sense of time escape me for the last few days. For lugging tables and tea sets and million pound mirrors all over the place. Also for standing back when my quick fuse lights and my temper explodes on a poor tree that wasn't standing where it needed to stand.

That being said, here are a handful of my favorite pics. The whole shoot can be found on my Facebook link HERE. Enjoy!

Through the Looking Glass

Down the Rabbit Hole

Checking out the Cheshire Cat (he's on the tree)

Chasing White Rabbits

The Mad Tea Party

Painting the Roses Red

The entire photo shoot can be found HERE