The Brighter Writer


Bah Humbug

The snow is starting to fall, the temperature has dropped into negative digits, the sky looks like elephant skin and there are Salvation Army bell ringers stationed at every store.

It's that time of year again.


When it's this cold outside, everything freezes.

Personal motivation included.

I can't seem to want to do anything besides hide inside an electric blanket and my own head.

Alas, there is chili to be crock-potted, goodies to be baked, blogs to be written, and so I must get out of bed, peel myself away from the fire place, and continue on this lovely little path of mine.

But since we all spent last month thinking about all the things we were thankful for, and also because this is the season of making a list and checking it twice...

Here's a little random list of things I'm not so thankful for (AKA: Things I hate).

You know, to even the score between November and December.

1. The bells above gas station doors.
2. The special effect that makes babies or animals talk on TV.
3. Mustard.
4. Raw onions.
5. Birkenstock sandals.
6. Being breathed on
7. Being told to calm down or chill out.
8. Mornings without immediate access to coffee
9. The majority of gum commercials
10. The Wiggles
11. Being cold
12. Pumping gas
13. Having to follow someone in their car but they drive too fast like an asshole and I end up loosing them.
14. Every kind of music my husband likes.
15. Stubbing my pinky toe.
16. My dog's diesel fuel farts
17. Hangovers.
18. The fact that nobody ever wants to play Monopoly.
19. Getting stood up.
20. Having to do other people's jobs for them because they're lazy or just stupid.
21. When 2 things are on at the same time, like a TV and a radio together (my head will explode)
22. Clapping in the car.
23. Whistling.
24. People who disappear from my life...

So now you all know my likes and dislikes just a little bit better! (It's important to know things like this about your bloggers.)

Well, on that note, I hope everybody's heaters are running up to par and do try to stay warm out there!

This cold front is a doozy!