The Brighter Writer

FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 2012

Benson Park Sculpture Garden

So I took a couple of days off to just be lazy and do nothing. I didn't write, I hardly left the air conditioning, and I went through an entire box of Special K in 24 hours because it's all I ate for every meal (way too much effort to go to the grocery store). I watched TMZ and Teen Mom, I drank Bud Light, and I wore the same pajama shorts and Clash t-shirt sun up to sun down. It was pretty amazing. The smoke from the High Park Fire had us all cooped up, I guess I just reveled in it instead of being annoyed by it. Honestly, even had the smoke not been an issue, I would have stayed in to avoid the 103 degree temperature anyway.

So after the smoke cleared (literally) I got this burst of energy and ran around like a crazy person. In addition to my first run in weeks (the heat has clearly made for unfavorable jogging conditions) and a handful of trips to our local neighborhood park, we drove a town over to Loveland and checked out the Benson Park Sculpture Garden; 10 acres of the old Benson Family Homestead turned artistic ecosystem by the Loveland High Plains Art Council. The Bensons were farmers turned activists in the Colorado Big Thompson project and were giant influences in the development of water resources for all of Northern Colorado during the early 1900's. The land was donated by the Benson family to the city of Loveland in the 1960's to use as a bird refuge and wetlands area. In 1985, a group of Loveland citizens turned the gorgeous piece of homestead into a lush garden graced by over 130 sculptures.

There were a handful of separate entrances; this one with the panthers was by far my favorite.

I wish this picture of a giant wishbone being pulled by 2 kids turned out better, but I was standing on the wrong side of the Sun.

Someone made a sculpture of my dog.

This was by far my favorite. It seemed very Shel Silverstein to me.

So anyway, thanks to my friends and family for yelling at me to get my lazy self back in blogging mode. I appreciate you guys! It's pretty cool knowing that you're interested in how we spend our days (although I suspect there are some of you who just need their daily fix of Kalynn's adorableness!)

Hope you're all staying cool!