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Big Girls Do Cry

Yes big girls cry. I am proof. I'm a big girl and I cried today.

And I'll tell you why: my baby girl is growing up. We switched her crib into a toddler bed today. It sounds like such a trivial milestone but it just wasn't for me apparently. She's basically potty trained and hasn't had diapers during the day time for a week straight now. She talks in full sentences. She eats regular food with regular utensils. She drinks from a straw and she puts on her own sandals. The crib was the last piece of her babyhood that I had left to cling onto and now it's bye bye.

It is what it is I guess. I'm blessed with a healthy child that is growing up strong and happy and nothing could ever be better than that. But it is a little sad knowing that her tiny little self isn't so tiny anymore.

Regardless, here's how it went!

First we sang a bye-bye song and did a bye-bye dance (to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star that I totally pulled out of my ass: "Bye-Bye Bye-Bye little bed, here comes a better place to rest your head...")

Then we gave the old railing a hug.

Daddy came in and unscrewed all the bolts and nuts and away it went!

This was also around the time she mysteriously lost her pants.

Before the bumper was put on, we tested it out to see if she liked the feel of having the side completely open. Which she clearly did.

So it was officially happening! Time to put on the final bumper piece!

Here's my giant of a husband trying to be as small as he can to give some congratulatory kisses and high fives

For the next 30 minutes or so it was time to test out climbing in and climbing out. Climbing in and climbing out. Climbing in and climbing out.

We spend the hour afterwards reading and playing pretend night-night. And just like that, she wasn't a baby anymore.

For pictures of Kalynn's nursery click HERE

Post Script:

Today also happens to be the vernal equinox. Did you know that today is supposedly the only day of the year you can balance an egg on one end? I had to try and I must be some sort of super hero because it worked!