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You can't skip something that could be great in your life because of fear.

I have fear. I fear being out of my comfort zone. When I was little I didn't even like spending the night at friend's houses, they always had to come to mine. The concept of me up and moving to California from Kansas was just as much a shocker to me as well as for anyone who knew me. But deep down I knew it was the path I was meant to take, so I just closed my eyes and took that leap of faith. That leap turned out to be the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

And now

the time has come

to take another giant leap of faith...

To Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins, CO #ColorfulColorado #Colorado

where the Summers are gorgeous

Fort Collins, CO #ColorfulColorado #Colorado

and the Winters are even more so

Fort Collins, CO #ColorfulColorado #Colorado

Most importantly, the school districts are in the highest of ratings

and they even have a marathon for me!

Fort Collins, CO #ColorfulColorado #Colorado

There is also free music festivals every summer, car shows, Winter holiday events, Summer holiday events, parades, art walks, a farmers market and the Colorado Brewers Festival! And that's just what the downtown community itself offers.

I grew up in Greeley, Colorado until I was 8 so it's not unfamiliar territory for me. I loved it there when I was a little girl, especially playing in the snow drifts and making forts with my sister.

Neither Jason nor I grew up in California. Jason is from a small town in upstate New York, I came from the Midwest. We're not ocean people, we're land lovers. Not that we haven't appreciated 75 degree weather year round, but we miss actually having extreme seasons. We miss Winter feeling like Winter and Spring feeling like Spring. We want a slower pace. We want more bang for our buck. But we most importantly we want Kalynn to grow up around family with kids her own age in a highly family orientated community.


Dear people and town of Fort Collins, Colorado:

Please be kind to us, as we will be the new kids on the block. We're fragile, we're leaving everything we know and are handing ourselves to you hoping for love, support and a nice lineup of fantastic breweries. We will give our new home all the love it deserves and explore every nook and cranny that you have. You're the town our daughter will officially be raised in, so educate our baby girl with everything you have to offer, teach her to be a strong, self sufficient, loving and caring kid who grows up to help others and herself. I have whole heartedly done my research; you seem like the perfect match for us. Our long distance relationship is about to be tested face to face and I can't wait. So get ready Fort Collins, the time has finally come!! See you next month!

Fort Collins, CO #ColorfulColorado #Colorado