The Brighter Writer

TUESDAY, JUNE 12, 2012

Boyd Lake State Park

We headed out to Boyd Lake State Park, (Loveland, Colorado) yesterday to avoid the smoke from the High Park Fires that is taking over our town of Fort Collins. But first, one of us spent half the morning in timeout for, generally speaking, being a turd.

As we headed out of town, you could see just how bad our layer of smoke was. If you didn't know better, it looked sort of like a cotton layer of soft cloud.

Once we arrived at the lake, you could still see it looming, but we were far enough away to finally be breathing some fresh air.

It wasn't quite Newport, Huntington, Corona Del Mar, Laguna or San Clemente like we're used to, but it did the trick!

I think Kalynn may have even liked it better than the west coast beaches because she wasn't constantly getting pummeled by waves and she could actually just play.

We still had constant reminders of what was going on back home because of the never ending line of air resources flying to and from the Fort Collins Airport to get more firefighting supplies.

After a few hours in the sun, we eventually made our way over to the rockier part of the lake where the grills and picnic tables were.

While the hot dogs were cooking, we played for a little while longer.

To end our day in the sun, we made a quick trip to the playground before heading back home!

An update on the fire: According to this morning's sheriff press conference, 100 firefighters have been added to the original 400 and they're hoping to have 800 on the ground by tonight. The fire is now an estimated 5% contained and they're hoping to get it to 10% by tonight. Multiple helicopters have been added as well including more National Guard Black Hawks. It has grown to 43,500 acres as reported since 9:30 this morning and winds are continuing to be an issue. All of us in Larimer are still in air quality high alert.