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Broken Powder Makeup

I've never considered myself a tight wad. With that being said, I see no point in spending money on replacing something that can be easily fixed with the smallest of effort. So today when my daughter dropped one of my favorite eye shadows I was pretty bummed, but certainly not ready to whip out my wallet and head to the mall to buy another.

fix broken powder makeup

Here's what you need: A small medicine dropper, a plastic bag, rubbing alcohol and a quarter or spoon

This works on any type of broken powder: bronzer, eye shadow, pressed powder or whatever else. Put a few drops of alcohol with your medicine dropper into your broken powder. Mix it into a soft paste. Don't worry about the alcohol drying up your skin because it won't. It'll completely evaporate from your makeup and leave little to no residue which is why it is commonly used on wounds. Plus the stink of the alcohol will evaporate as well. No one wants to walk around smelling like a medicine cabinet all day, so not to fret, you're in the clear. Next, carefully slide your compact or casing into a plastic bag and press down on the outside of the bag with a quarter to reform the makeup (or a spoon if you're fixing a bigger makeup such as bronzer).

After it sits over night, or at least for a couple hours, you're back in working action and ready to doll up that gorgeous face again! (Not that you need it, right?) Your makeup may not look as perfect as it did at one time, but I guarantee it works the same!

broken powder makeup fix