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The Brotherhood Of The Traveling Unicorn

Here's the thing:

For Halloween, Jason went as an 80's rocker. When he decided on his costume, I took it upon myself to find the perfect black t-shirt to complete his look. I'm a thrift store junkie anyway, so browsing through the men's XL section really wasn't going to be that big of a deal.

Or so I thought.

6 thrift stores later...I started to realize the perfect t-shirt was almost like an illusion. A myth. I had seen countless piles of Megadeath, Slayer, and Metallica shirts but I had yet to find one that really jumped out at me and grabbed my attention. I headed for the men's section at the Thrift Rite down the street, started flipping through hangers but to no avail, I found myself disappointed yet again. Just as I was about to give up, I turned the corner and something out of place caught my eye. To the left across the bruised toys and around the corner of tossed aside wooden baskets, I saw a lone black shirt stuffed in among the soiled coffee pots. I pulled it out, unwadded the fabric and it was like a light shown down from the heavens. Trumpets played, angels hugged, choirs sang. It was a glorious moment that brought tears to my eyes. I knew this shirt was the winner I had been longing for.

When I brought it up to the counter, the check out man smiled and held it up to his fellow co-workers who all told me about the shirt's fate saturated arrival. Apparently they had discussed between them who was going to end up with this gem of cotton and whoever did was going to be one very lucky soul. I mean, it is pretty much the best shirt ever created.

So Halloween came and went, Jason looked as handsome as could be with his ratty tight rolled jeans and his scrunch socks, but at the end of the day, we were left debating on what to do with this fantastic electric unicorn find.

"I kind of want to re-gift it," he said.

"Hmmmm...... I have an idea..." I said.

A week prior, I had been flipping through Pinterest and I ran across "The Giving Plate." It was just a simple porcelain platter with a nice letter written on it about passing food among friends and family. The directions stated that once you receive the plate, you whip up some sort of baked good and then gift the plate and the goodies to your closest girlfriend who then does the same. The plate goes round and round and continues to spread joy wherever it goes.

Well that's nice.

And that was also the answer I was looking for!

How could I be so stupid to think this shirt was just meant for our small minded little family? This shirt was a drifter! A dreamer! A loner full of wanderlust! Of course a shirt such as this one can't be tied down to one owner, what was I thinking??


I am currently on a path to help this shirt fulfill its destiny.

Here is how:

I have made and laminated its story to be passed along from person to person. I figure, wherever this shirt goes, wherever it ends up, we can all track it back to this web page. If this shirt ends up in your lucky hands, leave a comment below and tell us where, when and how you acquired such a treasure. If you're on Twitter or Instagram, take a picture and use #TheBrotherhoodOfTheTravelingUnicorn to show us all the adventures it has been on.

Who knows where it'll go! Maybe it'll make its way around the world!

Help track the unicorn! Visit: and leave a comment to tell us of his travels! or use #TheBrotherhoodOfTheTravelingUnicorn on Instagram or Twitter

The Unicorn Journey: Updated 1/16/14 - The electric unicorn has made its way from Fort Collins, Colorado to Lake Forest, California. Thank you to Scott R. for the photo update!