The Brighter Writer

Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Bunch of Hot Guys

I was asked a couple of days ago why I've never posted a blog about my abundance of boyfriends.

So today I shall.

A whole blog devoted to the loves of my fictional life.

This post has absolutely nothing informative on it at all, just pictures of hot guys. So if you're looking for a recipe or a story or whatever else, you should probably move along to a different page.

Now, that being said, come ladies... come take a stroll with me down Beautiful Boulevard.

First and foremost, my oldest boyfriend: Sir Paul McCartney

He's my oldest because of age, but also oldest as in my longest. We've been in fictional love since I was a little girl when my mom used to play me his records. He was my very first ever live concert. I was 9.

Paul McCartney

I actually have a couple of dead boyfriends.

Number 1: The King. Duh.

Elvis Presley

And number 2: River Phoenix. Double duh.

River Phoenix

My Movie Boyfriend: Timothy Olyphant. Ok so yes he's been married for 21 years and has 3 gorgeous children but, that just makes him even hotter. Nothing is sexier than a family man. Nothing.

Timothy Olyphant

My Policeman boyfriend: Sting. Anyone who can write songs in compound time 9/8 is pretty hot in my book. Try tapping your foot in time with "I Hung My Head" sometime (not the Johnny Cash version) Talk about irresistibly genius...


And last but certainly not least, my TV boyfriend: Joel Mchale. Yes, another tame family man (seeing a pattern here?). His cynical humor and his unrealistically perfect arms make me want to barf. In a good way.

Joel McHale

So there you have it. My list. You're welcome.

The honorable mention is my deaf composer boyfriend. Any guesses?

And also, here's your Sunday Grooveshark Playlist:

Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2
Sunday Morning Come Down - Johnny Cash
Pleasant Valley Sunday - The Monkees
Everyday is like Sunday - Morrisey
Sunday - Nick Drake
Sunday - Sonic Youth
Sunday Papers - Joe Jackson
Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon - Queen
Lazy Sunday - The Small Faces
Sunny Sunday - Joni Mitchel
Sunday Girl - Blondie
On Sunday - Til Tuesday