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California Birthday Trip: Day 2

This was not just an ordinary vacation. My baby girl turned 3 years old. This only happens once in a life. Important stuff here.

Accordingly, Kalynn woke up in our hotel to a room full of balloons, a princess Disney cake and a handful of gifts to unwrap. She was a very happy kid.

Her party was in the monstrosity of a lobby at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel. We opened gifts with Kalynn's God parents, her Grandma Diana (DiNana), and another great old friend of mine. She had cookies and cake and even got the Happy Birthday song played for her on the grand piano by the hotel's professional piano player.


I'm absolutely not admitting to taking my mom's pass so that I could sneak into the park for just a few minutes before we had to leave for the airport the next day. All I'm saying, is that should you ever think you can get into Disneyland on someone else's annual pass, you most likely will get caught, thrown into the Disneyland doghouse, get the annual pass you were trying to use taken away and end up paying an additional $100 for a valid pass in order to get your mom's back from security. Not that I tried. I'm just saying. Don't do it. I'm assuming.

Since we were in the park unexpectedly for a brief hour before our flight took off, we used the opportunity to get some final signatures on our picture frame mat.

I figured, the majority of the kids I saw running around had autograph books to be signed, but what are they really going to do with them once they got home? Put them in a box somewhere in the basement? This way, we can at least display everyone we ran into somewhere in Kalynn's bedroom so she never forgets her birthday trip. Total, we were lucky enough to get autographs from Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Chip and Dale, Goofy, Snow White, Princess Aurora, Pluto, Alice, The Mad Hatter, The Queen of Hearts and The White Rabbit.

It was an awesome trip and it went by way too fast.

I want to say a GIANT thank you to my Mom who went way out of her way to make sure the weekend was absolutely perfect. Which it totally was. Thank you, mom!!

And thanks to you guys who came out to celebrate with us. Fancy-pant hotels and gifts are great and everything, but in the end, celebrating is just not the same without the love of great friends and family in your life! Nothing is for that matter.

Happy 3rd Birthday Kalynn!