The Brighter Writer


Card Organization

I started Kalynn a baby box the day she was born. I kept her little tiny hospital bracelet and her discharge papers from Long Beach Memorial. I kept her miniature pink octopus slippers that she wore every day around the time she first started crawling. I kept a couple of decorations from her 1st birthday. I kept her flower girl basket from our wedding (It's ok to skip the math here). I kept her "Baby's 1st Christmas" stocking and her unbelievably small Alice In Wonderland Halloween costume. I just wanted to keep a few things that she may want when she's older so she can look back and know that her birth was, and that her life still is, such an exciting, welcoming, and special time for me and for her daddy as well.

With Kalynn's 2nd birthday coming on Thursday, I started getting a bit sad at how fast time has gone by. So while she was napping, I sat down and went through her baby box just to reminisce. (Maybe also to give myself a good cry, but mainly to reminisce.) Regardless, I found all the cards I got from our baby shower that my amazing sister threw for us. They were all in a pile stacked at the bottom of the box and I just knew there had to be a better way to keep them together so they didn't get mixed up with all the other cards I've kept for her.

I took some loose leaf rings that I got at an office supply store, punched holes in the cards, and looped them all together. That's it. And it really got me thinking that I could most likely do this for all the cards I get throughout the year that I can't bring myself to throw away. It's the simplest thing in the world to do, I cut and labeled a cover out of one of my sturdier pieces of pretty scrapbook paper so I know what the occasion was, but other than that it really took zero effort. Now I have an easy way to look back at that special day and remember who was there, re-read the supporting words from my friends, and have something to hand to Kalynn when she has her own baby shower some day. Some day far, far, FAR into the future.

Use binder rings to keep greeting cards organized