The Brighter Writer


Council Tree Library
Fort Collins, Colorado

It's been getting a little chilly lately here in Fort Collins, Colorado. As much as I love, love, love the autumn weather, it's starting to make me wonder how our southern California blood is going to adjust to the below freezing temperatures this winter. I'm trying to start early on some research for indoor activities to keep our restless selves from getting cabin fever.

In February I wrote about our Orange County Public Library and how it was pretty much the best thing ever. I figured we may as well give our new Library a looksee to find out if it was comparable. Turns out, it was 10 times better. (Sorry Orange County library people!)

It looks cooler, there's more to do for little ones, it has a better selection of books, it has a better lay out, more computers for kids and since it's on the second floor with giant picture windows, the view is outstanding.

(plus it has an elevator which is always super cool)

It may be because a lot of other parents are stuck finding indoor things to do when it's freezing cold outside, but the Council Tree Library people made a pretty bad ass little romp room for toddlers (as far as library standards go). It's set up so you can crawl in and out of the interactive letter-based playground area and "accidentally" learn some things in the process.

They have a separate room (complete with a toddler-sized tunnel entrance) where they do story-time periodically throughout the day for different age ranges.

Kalynn's favorite part is that the story room (which doubles as a coloring-station when not in use) is that it overlooks a doggie park!

We haven't checked out any of the other branches yet, but I'm sure we will as the weather gets colder. Our high today is 45 degrees so perhaps today is a perfect day for a new library adventure!