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MONDAY, JULY 22, 2013

Crash! Bash! Bang! Oh My!
It's The 4th Of July!

First of all,

this happened:

Little Girls and Bulldogs are the cutest!

I mean, come ON!!

And then after that, this tiny little blog of mine somehow landed itself in Good Housekeeping!

I mean, COME ON!!!

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And then on top of that, we've been pinned and liked on Pinterest by Home Shopping Network and Coast Magazine!

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Things are really starting to look up around here...


I'm a few weeks behind on my blogging. This week my hope is to catch up one event at a time. Today I'll start with our 4th of July celebration. My mom was visiting from Long Beach and we headed down to City Park for a day full of festivities. We didn't make it in time for the parade but when Kalynn realized how to construct graham cracker and goldfish sandwiches she forgot about everything else in the world anyway.

graham cracker and goldfish sandwhiches

Fort Collins has just over 875 acres of developed park land, the biggest being City Park. There's more than enough room for everyone in the town, a stage, multiple bands, a crazy fun water park, a handful of playgrounds, lake with paddle boats, and of course the city's firework display.

Statue of Liberty at City Park in Fort Collins, Colorado

It's a really fun place to be on the 4th of July.

Remember when riding on shoulders was the best part of any occasion?

riding on daddy's shoulders

riding on daddy's shoulders

Kalynn was able to hold some sparklers on her own this year under extreme supervision. We used a plastic cup to shield sparks from her sensitive little arms.

Use a plastic cup to shield sparks from sensitive little arms on 4th of July

Fireworks started an hour late this year but we made fast friends with the people on the blanket next to ours and that made time go a bit faster. (But so did the whiskey we snuck in)

4th of July

Next year we're hoping to make it up to Estes Park and watch fireworks from the Stanley Hotel!

4th of July

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Independence Day and thank you for all the encouragement on The Brighter Writer!