The Brighter Writer


Crimson Tide

I've spoken before about the World's most tragic and magnificent love story playing out high in the sky above our heads.

The Sun and the Moon,

constantly chasing one another around and around,

year after year,

century after century.

But every once in a great while, they finally catch up.

They have such a brief moment to hug, to hold one essential kiss as the entire universe slows down to watch.

And just like that, it's over.

Not by their own accord, but because a force greater than their own says it must be so.

They grip tight as long as they can until the pull is so great they have to let go.

And the chase continues.

Until the next time.

Last night we had a total lunar eclipse in the sign of Aries while the sun is in Libra. These two are polar opposites. They agree on nothing.

What does this mean?

Wake up calls, restlessness, rebellion.

We crave movement. We're about freedom. We react rather than respond. We're all on fire and we're acting out of our shadow side.

For me personally, I'm anxious. I spend my nights dealing with the lashing out of my own mind. Too much emotional turbulence. Soon enough, we'll return to cruising altitude and the captain will take off the "fasten seat belt" sign. I just have to wait it out with my peanuts and my spilt soda.

In the meantime,

I shop.

This week at our favorite thrift store, I found the score of a lifetime.

This is a 1967 Jason brand telescope and I'm in love.



But there is a moon eclipse in Aries which I'd love to see up close.

So I bought it.

Sometimes you stumble on unpredicted things that you would normally never expect to go together but for whatever reason they just fit in the most beautiful harmony.

Like a Snapple bottle into a Pringles can.

This telescope fits like that in my new space room.

As of this morning, the full moon is slowly starting his 2 week final decent to becoming new again. So for all you fellow transients out there,

take a deep breath.

The nomadic noise is going to start smoothing itself out soon enough and your mayday calls will get answered.

Don't be afraid to get up and walk around a little. You're welcome to come say hello to me while we taxi towards the gate. I'll be sitting back in coach with my headphones on typing away on my Macbook Pro. Feel free to tap me on the shoulder, I'd love to hear from you.