The Brighter Writer


Falling for Fall

It's officially Autumn!!

Here's my contribution to making yours just a little bit better:

Oh yes, that's right. Skip the eggs and the oil and whatever else the spice cake directions tell you to add, and just add a can of pumpkin instead. We made some cuppycakes last week, topped them with cream cheese frosting, and then ran around the house for an hour on a sugar high dancing to 70's Michael Jackson and riding around on the dog.

We've also jumped the gun a bit on decorating for Halloween. Now, I'm fully aware that it's not even the right month yet, but come on. It's Halloween.

Actually, (now that you ask) yes, there were a few years in the 90's (1993-1997ish) where I didn't celebrate Halloween because it was the oh-way-too-early "angel day" of my beloved River Phoenix. I was just so devastated by his passing, I actually boycotted October 31st for 4 years (It's true, ask my mom). However, over the years, it has creeped to the top of the list as my all time favorite holiday. I just can't deny my magnetic pull to its haunted aura. And technically speaking, I have 4 years to make up for basically turning my back on it, so I have no problem busting out the orange and black boxes from storage a few weeks earlier than the average bear.

So far, I've about finished the bathroom:

And I'm still working on the kitchen and dining room. I did find a nice use for my crystal cake stand: the perfect center piece for the dinner table!

So since it's been raining for 3 days and the decorations are crawling their way out of dusty boxes, it's time to dig up the Concrete Blonde "Bloodletting" album (or Poe "Haunted", take your pick), turn on the fire place and watch episodes of Ghost Adventures.

Happy hauntings!