The Brighter Writer


The Farm at Lee Martinez Park
Fort Collins, Colorado

My mom flew out from LA last weekend for a visit, and I had been trying to come up with a handful of fun things to do for her short 2 day whirlwind of a trip. I was thinking maybe of Denver for a visit to the zoo or the planetarium. Maybe we could visit the children's museum near Longmont. Maybe a trip to Boulder or up the Poudre Canyon. Maybe shopping in Loveland or the Train Museum in Greeley...

Turns out, we ate too much for breakfast and spent half the morning lazing around the house before we were up and ready to go. So keeping it local seemed like a more logical approach to the weekend if we didn't want to waste anymore time driving to a destination. We had gone to the farm at Lee Martinez Park back in June when we were still new to town, but I had heard they added pony rides and decked the place out for Halloween, so since Kalynn's attention span and sometimes memory are the size of a goldfish's, I figured it wouldn't hurt to go back and run around again.

Kalynn had a blast not listening to a word I said, running the opposite direction and screaming at the farm animals. My mom had a great time walking around with a perma-smile while she snapped a million pictures. And I thoroughly enjoyed the two of them having so much fun while watching my mom Long Beach it around a barnyard wearing flip flops and sipping on her pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. All in all it was a total successful Saturday and staying local in Fort Collins was definitely the way to go. This town is the absolute best. I should have just planned it this way in the first place...