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The Brighter Writer


For Mom.

I'd like to just take a day to say thank you to my mom. For all that she did and continues to do to make my life as wonderful as it is. She has been my rock through thick and thin, to lean on, cry on, stress out on, and fall back on.

She's been as open and accepting as you could ever ask for in a parent. She takes me as I come, even the parts she doesn't agree with. She wholeheartedly loves me for me and I wholeheartedly love her for her.

This woman has played the role of a thousand people in my life year after year. My coach, my mentor, my therapist, my teacher, my doctor, and most importantly my best friend. Every single one, she's perfected. She celebrates my accomplishments just as genuinely as she comforts my defeats. Her faith in me showed me how to have faith in myself. I can honestly say I've never met anyone like her in my entire life.

And the buck doesn't stop with me. She's gone above and beyond the call of grandparent duty. "2 peas in a pod" doesn't do her relationship with my daughter enough justice. She's helped to make Kalynn's life whole and healthy.

So mom, if you're reading this, (and I know that you are) know that your sacrifices for me do not go unnoticed. I appreciate you more than there are even words to explain.

I don't even feel like saying "I love you" gets my point across. I need a stronger word for love. I another-better-word-for-love you.

Happy Birthday Mom! I hope it's a great one!