The Brighter Writer

Friday, April 27, 2012


Here we are. Right smack in the middle of an age where every single thing has to cost an absolute arm and a goddamn leg. Gas, food, housing, education, health care, even my gum balls cost 50 cents now in the little spiral machines instead of a simple quarter. Having to pay $1.29 on iTunes for a song instead of 99 cents drives me up the wall for some stupid reason. Don't they know I have playlists to construct?

Well, I have fallen cranium over Converse for a website called Grooveshark. It's free. As in, keep your arms and goddamn legs. You make an account, and you have access to whatever you want. Store what you listen to, or don't. Make playlists or listen randomly. Upload your own music or choose something new to stream. Your choice. Bizillions of artists and songs. Just pick them, and listen to them. Pretty simple.

I do love me a little Pandora every now and then if I'm in the mood to surrender my mood. But generally speaking, I have a hard time relinquishing control. I like to know what's happening next. With everything, not just music (hence the reason I can't watch thriller movies). I'm not a giant fan of surprises.


As a general rule, I don't do a lot of research on my blogs. Clearly. I just ramble about whatever I feel the need to on that particular day whether it's a recipe or a craft or a story or a whatever what-have-you. However, the playlists I've been in the process of making I. Have. Done. My. Research. I have listened to just about every song that has ever been written about days of the week. I wanted a playlist (don't ask me why because I have no idea) for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and last but not least, sad little under appreciated Sunday. I think I've finally finished. So for the next 7 days, I'm going to post my playlist for that day at the bottom of my blog. Today is Friday, so therefore, you'll be getting my Friday mix.

There are some obvious gaps in my playlists. I'm sure I'm missing a handful of the most popular songs ie: Ruby Tuesday - Rolling Stones or T.G.I.F - Katy Perry (NOT that I'm comparing the two) and those aren't on there just because they aren't particularly my cup of tea. Not to say you shouldn't add them to your own Grooveshark playlist if that's the kind of thing that blows your skirt up, (or pulls your zipper down) I actually have a few titles on my lists that I wouldn't listen to on a normal basis but for the purposes of finishing off a Friday mix, I don't mind a little Flogging Molly. See what I'm saying here? I absolutely don't think all of you will have my taste in music. Hell, I don't even like my taste in music sometimes. But just in case you do: High Five!

So here you have it. Day 1 of my 7 day playlist. My very favorite songs about Friday.

Get Grooveshark. Make playlists. Do it. It'll improve your quality of life.

Friday On My Mind - The Easybeats
Friday's Angels - Generation X
Friday - Sunny Day Real Estate
Friday I'm in Love - The Cure
Friday Night (Hundred Dollar Bill) - G. Love and Special Sauce
Friday Street - Paul Weller
Friday Night - The Specials
Black Friday Rule - Flogging Molly
Friday Night On A Dollar Bill - Huelyn Duvall
Friday's Child - Nancy Sinatra
Friday the 13th - Sonny Rollins