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Hansel and Gretel Life Lessons

I've been thinking a lot lately about the concept of following the bread crumbs that are laid out for you throughout life. Call them intuition, call them God, call them your conscience, call them your inner voice, call them a hunch, call them the Stay Puffed Marshmallow man for all I care. I choose to call them bread crumbs. Whatever you call them or don't call them, they are there. Day in and day out. Sometimes it's hard for me to recognize what is a bread crumb and what is not. Or maybe I've known all along but I just sometimes choose to ignore them. This is one of the things about myself I've decided to kick to the curb. Blatantly ignoring the bread crumbs and going the easier route.

I've decided to do a little self spring cleaning.

(Mid-Autumn cleaning? Is that a thing?)

I need inner-change.

Bread crumb navigation can be a tricky thing. When I'm mentally and physically deflated and my crumbs lead me to a magical gingerbread house made of confections and candy, the buck usually stops there.

I'm in love with taking the easy way out.

"The Easy Way and Krista

sitting in a tree,


Usually this turns out to be a temporary fix and in the long run it takes me even more time to get where I needed to be in the first place. My problem (so I've come to learn throughout the years) is that I don't look around back of the gingerbread house to see if the path keeps going. Because stopping to snack just makes me even more mentally and physically exhausted than I was in the first place. Had I just looked around back and kept on walking, I would have found an even better house made from a healthier whole wheat pasta or something.

It may not taste as sweet at that exact moment in time, but in the long run, I'll feel a hell of a lot better about myself for doing what my heart says.

Thinking logically can sometimes lead you astray.

Maybe this makes sense to you, maybe I'm sounding like a total lunatic. To me, I've had this epiphany. To me, it's as clear as crystal. To me, I've permanently turned my nose up to gingerbread houses.

Maybe it will be temporarily harder. Maybe I will need to dig a little deeper for self constraint. Maybe I will be tempted along the way to do what is easier and not what I know is best for my own happiness. But in the end what makes it worth it is the self peace that I have knowing in my heart that my bread crumbs won't screw me over. They'll lead me to where I'm supposed to be.

Sometimes being selfish is the best thing for everybody.

In the meantime, the act of constructing a gingerbread house never hurt anyone, now did it?