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SUNDAY, JULY 28, 2013

Hermit Park: Bobcat Campground

Hooray for our 2nd camping trip of the season!

We made it both nights and all three days which is a first for our family. Bobcat campground in Hermit Park Open Space is absolutely amazing and I can't imagine camping anywhere else now.

But before we get into that,

Lets chit chat about these Hobo Meatloaf Bombs I made for the grill:

Hobo Meatloaf Bombs for camping #campingrecipe

They're super duper simple to make:

1 1/2 lbs ground turkey (or hamburger, whatever is your preference)
1/2 cup Italian bread crumbs
1 egg
1/4 cup ketchup
1/2 package meatloaf seasoning by McCormicks
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1/2 small onion
1/4 chopped bell pepper

Combine it all together, roll into balls, slap some onion around the outside of each one, wrap in tinfoil and grill. The best ever.

Then for the cheesy bacon sourdough loaf:

cheesy bacon sourdough loaf for camping #campingrecipe

Buy a loaf, slice it up, stuff with chopped bacon and cheddar jack blended cheese, wrap in foil, grill until cheese melts and then eat the whole thing in under 3 minutes because you can't stop stuffing your face.

cheesy bacon sourdough loaf for camping #campingrecipe

These little Coleman one burner stoves are amazing and inexpensive. We used ours to make my famous camp veggies and again for coffee in the morning.

Coleman one burner stove for camping

Because my sister's family was on a train ride across the country for a visit in San Francisco, she spent the weekend with us in the mountains and made it one of my very favorite camping trips of all time.

While Jason stayed with Kalynn back at camp, we hiked up Kruger Rock Trail and had an incredible view of Estes Park. You could see the entire valley from where we stood.

Kruger Rock Trail in Estes Park's Hermit Park Campground

Meanwhile back at camp, Kalynn decided to use her paints to pretty-up this bush which is now a bluish hue...

bring paints along to camp with toddlers. They can paint almost anything and the rain washes it away.

And Guacamole hog tied herself for the millionth time.

self hog tied bulldog

I hadn't played Apples to Apples in years so when I saw the to-go version was on clearance at Target I picked it up. So much fun. Just add Smirnoff!

Apples to Apples #campinggames

I swear Moles didn't move for 3 days.

camping bulldog

So the morning after our Apples to Apples game, we needed coffee. We needed a lot of coffee. We had no instant crystals and the coffee machine wasn't working so I was forced to put normal coffee grounds in a coffee filter, use a zip tie to keep it closed and I seeped it like it was tea. It actually worked really well and in a bind, it does the job.

use a string or ziptie to tie together coffee grounds inside a coffee filter and seep in boiling water like tea for fresh coffee while camping #campingtips

I bring whatever I can to keep our 3 year old happy and occupied while we camp. We have a long list of camping things to pick up at our local dollar store that are made for one time use. One of those things is glue and a package of google eyes. Kalynn LOVES to glue eyes on anything she can get her tiny little fingers on. Give her a pile of small rocks and she stays busy for hours. Honestly, kids love glue for whatever reason.

glue and google eyes are great for toddlers to make pet rocks while camping

We made a rock concert with all her little creatures.

glue and google eyes are great for toddlers to make pet rocks while camping or for the garden #rockconcert #campingtips #gardentips

When it's time to clean up, this little portable sink comes in really handy for dishes. We found ours for $9.99 at a local camping store.

Coleman travel sink for camping

One of the things that is so great about Hermit Park is that they have gatherings for all campers to join. We were able to meet up and listen to a world renowned story teller tell Native American tales around the campfire. It's a great place to meet your neighbors and socialize if you're into that sort of thing.

stories around the campfire

So with Kalynn's ballet class, gymnastics class, preschool, Jason's work schedule, my work schedule, and my upcoming trip to Paris, it's proving very difficult to find time to do another camping trip. Although we originally wanted to camp 3 times this season, it unfortunately looks as though we'll be cutting our camping vacations short this year. I'm optimistic that they'll just get better with time because this last couple were so much fun. But until then we'll just have to pack away all our new stuff for summer I suppose.

It's been a great season!

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