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High Times

Speaking of tree houses...

A friend of the family has the coolest tree house I've ever seen. We made a stop a couple of weekends ago to check it out after hearing about it time and time again. Now, I've seen some fancy schmancy tree houses (online, not in real life) that look more like apartments and they're all done up with couches and picture frames and electricity. I think those are cool and all, but I'm sorry, that's not a tree house. The tree houses that I adore are the old school, climb the trunk to get to it, no adults allowed, clubhouses. This is one of those. Get ready to be jealous (I am already...)

2 floors!

The sun deck!

Hey, so my birthday is coming up...(hint hint) I need a house to build one of these bad boys. Anyone want to pay a mortgage for me? I'll be your best friend!