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Hunter's Moon

It's a full moon. Strange things happen on full moons. Or so they say. There is a scientific theory called the Lunar Effect that tries to explain why this may be the cause of deviant (for lack of a better word) behavior from humans at certain times in the moon's cycle. It's unexplainable. Not to be confused with the "Transylvanian Effect," (men turning to werewolves, witches incantations holding increased stamina, or other mythological bullshit theories) the Lunar Effect holds some validity.

The moon has power.

Enough to evoke the tides of the great oceans.

So the theory goes, if the moon can monopolize force in a body of water that grand, then it should also have at least a little influence on human beings that are predominantly made up of water.

After tonight, I agree with that theory.

Oh, it's been a night.

But anyway...

The thing about tonight's moon is that it's a hunter's moon. Basically the same as a harvest moon, but since the majority of harvesting was done by this point in the year, the extra light from the moon was used for hunting.


It's Monday: a day of the week that was actually named after my beloved luna. Monday ~ "Moon Day" in Old English.

My point: today was magnetically swayed.

Regardless, I thought it was a fine day to post a craft I did with Kalynn earlier this summer when we were learning about how the moon worked. Turns out, if you mix glue and shaving cream, you get this foamy-creamy-blueish-paste stuff that turns hard when it dries. Perfect for moon construction.

So we had to check it out.

We ended up making ourselves a little luntastic mural. The moon is clearly visible, however the rest can be left to interpretation.

Let me explain.

I made a connect-the-dots constellation of Kalynn's Capricorn sign in the upper left side of the paper. She did a great job.

In the upper right side of the paper, I showed her how to draw a star. In the bottom left is where she tried to copy. There may be room for improvement, but the effort was definitely there. So... she gets an "A" for effort!

We also learned the cycle of the moon from some Oreo cookies and a sun made from candy corn. I was trying to explain what direction the rays come from and what effects it has on our visible illumination. Turns out, this is extremely hard to comprehend for a 2-year-old. But whatever, the cookies were delicious no matter what info was retained in the end.

So, whatever you did or said today that may or may not have been totally ridiculously unexplainable, blame it on the Monday Full Moon. Because scientifically speaking, it really wasn't your fault...

"Sorry, I was just 'moon stupid' today..." - A scientific term. (probably)

Just make sure you make it right tomorrow.

.Post Script:

Stay safe all you East-Coasters! You're in my thoughts! Frankenstorm is no exception from being moon stupid. Maybe tomorrow he'll call and apologize?