The Brighter Writer

FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 2012

Ice Queen

Holy balls, I'm clumsy.

I could sit here and fill you in on every trip, fall and run-in I've ever had, but it would take hours. I mean, I'm really probably in need of some sort of helmet and/or shin guards most of my waking hours. I'm not exactly sure what is wrong with me, other than I'm just kind of a distracted space case the majority of the time. Which, you know, is part of my charm? I guess?

Anyway, so my bestie calls me a few months ago with a Groupon deal. She knows me. This is why I was a bit confused when she mentioned ice skating in Lake Forest. Yes it was only 6 dollars a person but I mean, she knows me. I remember squinting my eyes at her through the phone and cocking my head to the side and saying "um, really?"

We booked the tickets and let them sit in virtual world for a few months before we decided to rock the shit out of that ice skating rink last weekend. Ok, maybe "rock the shit out of" is a bit strong, but we didn't fall. So at least that's something because I was convinced I would be walking away with a broken ass bone or sprained ankle.

I personally feel like ice skating is the perfect time to throw on some snowboarding goggles... because if you're going to make an idiot out of yourself, you might as well go all out.

My God we're cute

So anyway, I'll spare you all the full video, but here's just a clip of our excursion.