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Jewelry Box Overload

I love jewelry. I have so much of it; it's taking over my jewelry box. I have Halloween jewelry, fancy diamond jewelry, play jewelry, going out jewelry, party jewelry, bartending jewelry, wedding jewelry and any other kind of jewelry that you could need. My philosophy is that there is a perfect piece for every occasion no matter what or how small the occasion.

However, this has also led me to the issue of where to store it all. I have a couple of very nice jewelry boxes that house the smaller pieces, but the long dangling earrings, the necklaces, and the delicious gaudy over-the-top costume jewelry has no place to live. So I've come up with a solution. I found an old cork board at a thrift store down the street.

Jewelry box cork organization

The majority of our bedroom is stainless steel, whites, grays, and blacks. I like the fresh look of black and white. Our bed is a light grey comforter with stark white sheets with our wedding photo framed above in a black frame. Wanting to stick with the same color scheme, I detached the cork from the frame and painted it with a silver spray paint, and the frame with a flat black. Here's what it looks like now.

jewerly box organization on a cork board

I nailed it to the wall above my jewelry box on top of my vanity table and it works perfect. At the same thrift store, I'm constantly finding really cool old frames with strange pictures inside that I would never keep. I found this one with a puke 70's green color and it had a photo of a cartoon cow in the middle. After a coat of paint, a photo distraction, and a couple of pieces of fishing wire, here's what it looks like now.

old frame made into earring organizer

Now I just need to find something creative to store my shoes!