The Brighter Writer

TUESDAY, MAY 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We had our first visit from DiNana this weekend! Here's the quick run down of festivities:

I tried so hard to convince the car (My mom's Toyota Rav 4; also known as The Ravioli) to make it up to Horsetooth Reservoir. The struggling transmission wasn't having it, so we got half way up the damn, pulled over, and took a picture of everything down below. Turns out we could see half of Northern Colorado. I swear we could Denver from up there...

Facing the other direction we could see the very tip of the actual reservoir which was a total tease. But, I'll try again once the car is fixed and report back another day.

On the way back down, we stumbled on the FoCo Holiday Twin Drive In movie theater. Just another thing I will be adding to my Colorado bucket list.

I drove around the beautiful CSU campus for a while with my nose turned up being a total brat about how University of Kansas campus was SOOOOOO much prettier...

We went home and used my flag and star cookie cutters to make watermelon cutouts for a park BBQ.

The left over watermelon scraps + a kick ass juicer + champagne = delicious. I learned that in math class, freshman year of college.

We walked over to the park and played for a bit while the coals warmed up for our tiny little BBQ. Kalynn put her handprint in the sand, I filled it up with Elmer's glue and let it set for a few hours so now we have a nice little memento of this weekend.

Here's our little picnic gazebo that turned out to be our shelter for the upcoming wind storm we knew nothing about at the time:

Miss Guacamole stood guard over the hot dogs with her foot tangled in her leash.

And then the wind storm came out of nowhere, blowing our food out of our hands, our beers out of their cups, the ketchup off or our dogs and the goose bumps off of our arms.

Then we fed the pup after we were told not to...

and we laughed hysterically.

Then we went home and passed out at 9pm.

Thanks to all the veterans out there for doing what you do/did so I can do what I do freely! And thanks to DiNana for making the trip out for our first visit!