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The Brighter Writer

FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2012

Moving Along!

I've been looking at brown boxes and white walls for pretty much 2 days straight. I forgot how much effort it takes to unpack. I'm exhausted. My arms and legs are like jelly from running up and down stairs with boxes. These new stairs are not giving me much of an impressive first impression. This is much more of a workout than I bargained for. I'm not talking about the regular 12 step stairs either, these bitches are a steep flight and a half.

Whenever I do acclimate to the climate and I dare to go on my first post-move jog, the front door is backed right up to the quiet city running trail. Which is awesome.

Everything arrived yesterday unbroken except for a single destroyed plant that had fallen over and was ripped out from the roots. Poor guy. From what I hear, the majority of my tropical plants aren't going to live through the Fall here anyway, regardless of all my new natural light from being on the 2nd floor, so I'm assuming this one may have taken his own life just to have it end as painless as possible.

Besides the obvious weather change and suicide plants, there are a couple more things to get used to here. Like the grocery stores. King Soopers? Sure, I'll try it out. I did need some frozen hash browns for breakfast, but where are they? Nowhere. I mean Nowhere. This store is gigantic, everything is a brand I don't recognize, and some of the things even have a medicinal marijuana version of them. I swear to God I walked up and down this stupid store for like an hour before I even found the frozen aisle. And even when I found it, it's like Or-Ida Potatoes don't exist here.

King Soopers in Fort Collins, CO www.thebrighterwriter.blogspot.com

Anyway, I've unpacked my lucky can of beets.

Magic Beets www.thebrighterwriter.blogspot.com

I noticed they mysteriously landed in my cupboard about 10 years ago after having read Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins. Anyone who has ever read that book will certainly understand my love of beets. I swear I didn't buy them. I have no idea where they came from, but I move them from place to place for good luck even though they are years past their expiration date.

They go well in my kitchen, which I adore by the way, but these high ceilings are going to take some getting use to. In the living room they're great, but I'm little. 5"2' on a good day, so in the kitchen they make reaching the top shelves on the cupboards a little tricky.

I've also lost my sliding glass shower doors, which I didn't realize when looking at the place online, so since I haven't made it to Target yet, I've had to dig out my psycho killer shower curtain from the Halloween box.

psycho killer shower curtain www.thebrighterwriter.blogspot.com

So we're getting there is my point. Slowly but surely. There is still a ton of things to do and unpack, but we're getting there...