The Brighter Writer


♪ ♫ "I simply remember
my favorite things and then
I don't feel so bad!" ♫ ♪

Here is a list of things about myself that I'd like to share:

I like to say "that just doesn't cut the mustard" as often as possible.

I dislike all The Wiggles but not equally as I can't handle the red one the most.

I love electric blankets and electric eels.

Baseball bores me unless I'm there in person drinking flat stadium beer and doing the wave because that, my friends, is something I could do every day. (No one likes doing the wave as much as me. I even got it going at the bar a few times.)

I will drop everything that is going on for my Sunday night bubble bath ritual.

I love all things Elvis, Beethoven, and Elton John.

My very favorite author is Tom Robbins.

Hiking and gardening are my favorite outdoor activities besides drinking Guinness on patios.

I love holding hands and eating Sweet Maui Onion potato chips (I've never tried them at the same time but I bet it's mind blowing)

Also I think unpacking, using Chapstick, and listening to someone speak in a foreign language are all amazing things.

I love putt-putt golf ever since my dad took me when I was a little girl.

I also believe that the only proper thing to eat in a movie theater is a box of Milk Duds.

Stand By Me is my favorite movie but no one will watch it with me because I recite all the words as I watch.

I have a strange obsession with Statler and Waldorf (the old guys in the balcony) from the Muppets.

I love collecting Star Wars stuff. I secretly like to color with crayons and it makes me kind of mad inside when my daughter steals the color I want to use.

You honestly don't want to talk to me in the morning before my first pot of coffee.

My favorite all time food is fettuccini alfredo from the Olive Garden without the chicken and I'm a firm believer that it magically cures hangovers.

I'm a nut about Alice in Wonderland.

When I was younger I mistook the Eiffel Tower for the Empire State Building and my mom and sister to this day still make fun of me for it.

I have a temper and a potty mouth so I tend to curse at inanimate objects around the house (however my daughter has inspired me to be way better about that).

If I'm walking on the sidewalk, I will go out of my way to step on a crunchy looking leaf.

I can't stand it when people whistle or clap in the car, it hurts my ears.

I sing about almost everything I do, even if it's a nice little tune I made up about how bad I have to pee.

Also, I believe I am wildly funny.

Let's move along.

In addition to all those amazing things I just mentioned, I'm addicted to my cell phone. These are my all time very favorite FREE apps that I think everyone should have and use all the time: (in no particular order)

1. Instagram:

I love my social networks as much as the next girl but Instagram isn't as widely known and is way more private. I have only a few followers, and I follow only a few. You have the option to share your photos on Facebook and Twitter if you want, or you can just keep it to your Instagram. Perfectly simple.

2. Pandora

You type in a song or singer that you like and it generates a radio station catered to your tastes. If they play a song you don't care for, press the thumbs down picture and they'll never play it again. It's a custom radio station, and you can switch it up and make as many stations as you choose. Brilliant.

3. Auto Timer Camera

I love my iphone. But it bums me out that I can't just set a timer on the camera for group shots that I want to be in. This app lets me do that.

4. Our Groceries

Best idea EVER!! I can add something to the list whenever it pops into my head and it automatically synchronizes the list to whoever else is using it as well. So whichever one of us hits up the grocery store next, we can see what the other needs.

5. HeyTell

Like a walkie-talkie but way better. I use it when I just want to say something quick but have my hands full or don't have time to type out a text message. Push a button, say what you have to say, go about your business. When the person on the other end has time to respond, they do. Love it.

6. Shazam

Any time I'm in a store or in my car or wherever, and a song comes on that I desperately need to know the name of, I Shazam it. Shazam in turn listens and then tells me the band, song title, and album.

7. Pic Stitch

Easy, breezy photo collages. Perfect for posting to Instagram.

Ok that's it! There are plenty more for me to post but those are the main lucky 7!