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The Perfect Picnic

So lately I've had this obsession with planning the perfect picnic. I'm not quite sure why I obsess about the things I do, but generally speaking, once I get an idea, I have to do whatever it takes to make that happen. Remember the Alice in Wonderland photo shoot I did with Kalynn? That is the biggest obsessed drive that I can recall in recent history. I was a freak about getting that shoot done! I spent days painting her "tiny room" and getting the tea set scene together. This project is nowhere close to being on that kind of a giant scale, but the determination to make it perfect was pretty much the same.


After coming home early from our camping fiasco, both Jason and I still had an entire day off together which never happens, so I decided to jump on my picnic idea and round up our necessities! (I picked some flowers from the neighbor's yard and made a couple of sandwiches)

Kalynn has her own little picnic set, a gift from her DiNana.

I also brought along some water paints (find them cheap almost everywhere right now, along with tons of other great craft stuff, because of Back To School sales!) so while I was setting up our lunch, she was having fun decorating the creek rocks.

With Summer in full swing, and having no idea what to expect this winter when it's snowing and freezing outside, I'm trying to plan as many outside activities while I can for our family. Baskets are cheap, and sandwiches are even cheaper! We had such a relaxing afternoon lounging in the shade listening to the babbling creek; it's something we'll be doing again soon for sure.

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far!