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Pinecone Preoccupancy

I have a kid that is in love with pinecones. We spend at least an hour a day walking around our neighborhood hunting for these things. When she finds one, her little face glows like a firefly ass and the squeal that comes out of her mouth sounds like a startled piglet. If you don't believe the urgency of her pinecone addiction, check out this 55 second clip of her I shot last summer:

So now you see what we're dealing with here...

Well, today it's raining. Again. Luckily we have a small hoard of pinecones stashed away in a red wagon under the stairs that have been spared from the wet and can be used to keep her busy indoors.

We got down our toddler craft box and made a little "creation station" with markers, paint, glitter etc... then away we went!

I have no idea what I'm going to do with them when they dry. Hang them from her window maybe? Or tie strings on them and hang them from the plants on the porch as winter decorations? Perhaps lay them back on the ground under the pine tree and keep the gardeners wondering? I guess I'll figure that out later.