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Poop Just Got Real

Holy balls you guys.

This last 2 days has shot my stress level higher than a Marley ancestor.

I had convinced myself that nothing was going to go right. That I was going to be found hiding in the corner of my bathroom, curled up into a ball, rocking back and forth with "Thanks for your interest in our apartment complex but unfortunately..." letters piled high, credit card statements plugging up the toilet, and an empty pan of brownies trying to calm me down.





Those of you who have moved out of state know what I'm talking about here. It's a nightmare. You can't see the housing you're applying for in person, you can't interview with potential employers unless they're willing to Skype or go strictly off your resume, and the process of leaving everything you've come to know as your life is enough all by itself to drive you into a hole.

But here's the flip side:

We've been accepted. We have a place. It's a really super nice apartment. With a detached garage. And a fire place. And Kalynn has a separate bathroom that she can destroy all by her tiny half-ass-potty-trained self. And Guacamole has a patio all to herself that she can be lazy all over. And my life saving Dad and Stepmother (who live one town over) checked it out to rid me from fear of giant cockroaches and/or college students. Yes. We've been accepted.

I've also booked the moving truck and our plane tickets. We have 11 days left. 11 days to sell, donate, trash and pack. Add daily toddler activities, a sick hive covered puppy dog, switching all utilities over to the new place, cleaning like crazy to get our deposit back, changing our addresses with everybody, and a giant pile of dishes to all of that. 11 days. It's a finely tuned balancing act.

I'm not hitting the ground running today like I had promised myself I would last night after a few glasses of wine. I'm hitting the ground sort of dragging my feet over to the couch and slamming cups of coffee. But as soon as I'm done? Yes. The running.

My last Grooveshark playlist:
Thursday - Asobi Seksu
Thursday - Morphine
Thursday The 12th - Charlie Hunter
Thursday's Child - Eartha Kitt
Thursday's Child - David Bowie
(Thursday) Here's Why I Did Not Go To Work Today - Harry Nilsson
Sweet Thursday - Matt Costa
Jersey Thursday - Donovan
Suite Thursday - Duke Ellington

And my #PhotoADayMay #SomethingYouWoreToday (The Police pajamas and my white sweater slipper boots)

Hope everyone gets everything done today they need to! Myself included!