The Brighter Writer

TUESDAY, MAY 1, 2012

Random Thoughts (And The May Photo Challenge)

I have been on the phone all morning long looking for apartments in Fort Collins. I've heard that certain places don't accept English Bulldogs, certain places cost just as much if not more than our Orange County condo, certain places only have basement apartments with no windows available, certain places have 6-9 month waiting lists, and other certain places have reviews comparable to Hell.

After countless phone calls, the list has been narrowed down to a select 3. Now we wait for our family members to go check them out for us this afternoon and make sure we aren't moving ourselves into a cockroach infested, student run, slum lord driven, shit pile. So wish us luck with that.

In other news,

Remember a couple of months back when I did that March Photo A Day thing on my Instagram? Well I'm doing it again. Here's the new list in case you'd like to join in:

Here's my day 1:

#photoadaymay #peace And as promised, here's the Grooveshark playlist for Tuesday:

Tuesday Heartbreak - Stevie Wonder Tuesday's Dead - Cat Stevens
Tuesday Morning - The Pogues
Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning - The Cowboy junkies
Groovy Tuesday - The Smithereens
Love You Til Tuesday - David Bowie
On Tuesday - Men Without Hats
Miss You On Tuesday - The Handcuffs
Cold Shower Tuesdays - Bowling for Soup

One final thought: How can you not want this fine lady rolling around your apartment grounds?