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Rich Uncle Pennybags

I had to come up with a last minute costume idea on a very cheap budget this year. Normally I'm a planner and I've got everything picked out months ahead of time.

This year, not so much.

I needed something easy but original and with essentials generic enough that I could pick them up at the local holiday stop and shop.

Rich Uncle Pennybags, also known as the Monopoly Banker Guy, was perfect.

I already had the vest which came with my White Rabbit costume from a few years back, the hat I picked up for around $10, the bow tie $3, the cane $5 and the mustache was $8.

Most mustaches come with a strip of adhesive but 20 minutes of wear and the sticky will start to loose its gusto. Without the mustache this particular costume is kapoot, so it is well worth it to invest in a small bottle of Spirit Gum adhesive for additional $7 including the remover.

Good luck with the costume parties and be responsible out there!