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Rock Chalk Jayhawk! See You Tonight!

Well, I'm sure you've noticed by now that I have a very strange spontaneous streak in me. It's weird because I hate change. I cried when I was little and came home to find the furniture rearranged, but then I could beg and plead for my mom to take me on a road trip right now within the same evening. It makes no sense. I'm a walking contradiction.

Anyway, with my husband having to work all week, and constant news and Facebook posts about KU throwing down in March Madness, I'm getting a little homesick here.


Kalynn and I are heading back to Kansas today to see my sister and family. I decided yesterday afternoon and so off we go! (I'm way too antsy pants to plan a vacation and then, you know, wait for it.)

My favorite thing about packing for Kansas is digging out all my KU Jayhawk stuff.

My second favorite thing about packing for Kansas is that as soon as I pull out my daughter's suitcase, she throws in her shoes first. Every time. A girl after my own heart.

Ok, see you soon Lawrence, we're off to the aeropuerto!