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Spring Canyon Splash Park

I have found nirvana for my toddler. It's in the form of a 100-acre park with two separate age-appropriate playgrounds and a splash park built on shotcrete (the rubber cement). ECI hauled more than 120,000 tons of earth during this project, along with several hundred tons of carefully selected boulders from nearby Poudre Canyon that were placed in the playground and throughout the park. This place also has the largest dog park in Fort Collins (2+ acres) including a lake for swim-crazy canines, bike trails, free-ride course for mountain biking, lighted basketball and tennis court, baseball/soccer fields and an inline hockey rink. We're all set for entertainment around this place.

And it's free.

So beat that...

What a lovely summer we're having so far! I've been super busy this last few weeks soaking up the sun, working, and getting to know our new town. Thanks for everyone's patience on my sporadic posting! It'll go back to normal soon enough, I promise!