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Surprise Anniversary post

My husband and I are on opposite ends of almost every spectrum. We see things through completely different lenses.

I eat vegetables and he eats meat-lovers pizza.

He watches sports, I watch reality TV.

He listens to Rise Against, I listen to good music.

He's up the bean stalk, I'm down the rabbit hole.

I'm "End of the World," He's "Life Goes On"

He farts loud and a lot, I only fart once a day and even then it's nothing to write home about.

My point is, we've learned how to compromise and happily at that. Things seem to somehow always turn out on the upside. I'm the left to his right. He's the white to my black. We've finally picked up the right rhythm. It took us a minute, but now that we're here, I wouldn't trade my journey for anything if it meant changing the outcome.

I will preface this post by saying I personally hate surprises. Like, I hate them. If you were to plan a surprise party for me and I didn't see it coming, I would flip out. Like a lot. I'm a planner. My husband knows this. My friends and family know this. I need advance notice even if I'm going to sneeze. It is not amusing to have things thrown at me. I may act like it's not a big deal on the outside, but inside I will secretly hate you. I will hate you a lot.

Jason on the other hand, loves spontaneity. He has no problem flying by the seat of his ass with an open schedule and not a care in the world. This works splendidly for us. I can plan things, months in advance, in complete secrecy, and then when I spring it on him, it's still spontaneous for him. This is why for our anniversary this year I've planned out a weekend away that he knows absolutely nothing about.

Well, until now that he's reading this...

So Jason:

A few months ago I told you that Horsetooth Reservoir was having its seasonal marina opening party and that my boss desperately needed extra bartenders because it was our busiest weekend of the year at JJ's. I made you take days off of work because if I picked up shifts, there would be nobody around to watch our daughter.

I totally made all of that up.

I have no idea when the marina opens up at Horsetooth and I don't even know if they throw a party when it does open. I'm not going to work. My mom is here from LA to watch Kalynn and since we both have 3 days off work, I've planned a secret weekend away.

I've rented us a 2 story, 3 bedroom cabin in the mountains which is walking distance from downtown Estes Park and still somehow totally secluded.

We have 2 nights and 3 days of total alone time where we can hit up The Stanley Hotel for cocktails and fancy desserts. Or we can head downtown to see live bands play at the local taverns. Or, since I bought us a weekend pass to Rocky Mountain National Park, we can pack a picnic lunch and a hike up to Bridal Veil Falls. Or we could go fishing since I secretly stole your driver's license and got your fishing permit when you weren't looking. Or we can bum around the cabin and do nothing. Or we can go to a movie at the Historic Park Theater. Or we can go have a classy dinner at some up-scale restaurant.

Whatever you want to do is totally OK with me, just know that whatever you choose, I'm wearing my wedding veil all damn weekend. You know, because it's tradition. Plus, if I wear my veil people will ask why I'm wearing it and then we get to say it's our 2nd anniversary and then they give us free stuff. Theoretically. It's a theory that still needs some testing.

So happy surprise "cotton" anniversary weekend. Let's go!!