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Take Me To The River!

I've been busy planning next week's birthday camping trip which, for me, consists of making color coded do-not-forget lists, organizing, packing, unpacking, reorganizing, repacking, shopping, having to fit newly bought gear into already packed bags, unpacking again, reorganizing again, repacking again... you get the picture. I'm pretty sure my purpose on this planet is to plan for trips. Perhaps I should look into a profession change...


So we've been trying to get Kalynn introduced to the river before we spend a handful of days camping right next to it. She's got some new purple water shoes, a Disney Princess life jacket, and an army of sticks she's been collecting to play drums on rocks with. She's ready to go.

Last week we took DiNana to check out the excitement.

First, we had to let Guacamole know that we'd be right back, and that it was okay to miss us.

The water was a bit faster than normal because of some rain a few days prior, but that didn't stop us!

With next week approaching quickly, my excitement level is pretty much overwhelming. It's all I can do to down a few beers and try to relax. But I'm just so excited! I haven't had a vacation in a thousand years it seems like!

So if anyone has some crazy camping must-dos or must-haves that I may have over looked (yeah right), let me know and I'll add them to their appropriate color coded column and try to Tetris them in the box somewhere while cursing your name! (I mean that in the nicest possible way)