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The Dark Side of the Moon

Sunday is a new moon.

Not just any new moon but it is also a hybrid eclipse. There have been just shy of 12,000 eclipses recorded in history and under 5% of them have been hybrid. This means the smooshing of 2 separate kinds of eclipses. The first is a traditional annular eclipse which gives the super cool "Ring of Fire" around the Sun. The second is a total solar eclipse which means the Moon will completely cover the Sun for a very brief period of time.

The World's most tragic and beautiful love story is once again going to play out high in the sky above all of our heads. The Sun and the Moon constantly chasing one another around and around, year after year, decade after decade, century after century, almost always missing each other, but every once in a great while, they finally catch up. They have such a brief moment to hug, to hold one lingering kiss, as the entire Universe stops to watch.

But just like that, it's over.

Not by their own accord, but because a force greater than their own says it must be so. They hold on as long as they can until the pull is so great they have to let go. And the chase continues. Until the next time.

All you East coasters out there will be able to see this around 6:30 in the morning but the rest of us in middle America and on the West coast will miss it.

Usually new moons are what I imagine as a "resting moon." It's a time for the Moon to take a break. To start fresh. To let it go for a while.

And if the Moon can, then I can too.

But this lunar show is resonating a different feeling inside me. I don't feel new. I feel dark.

New moons are supposed to be a great beginning, but when I can't see the moon I feel a bit lost.

An invisible moon is an invisible me, I feel.

When things around me are chaotic and temporal it's calming to me to be able to look up and see my constant. I feel connected.

Everyone has their introverted days I suppose, the Moon is allowed to be empty every once in a while. But if it is true that you are who you hang around, I feel left behind in the void.

The Moon is my crush. I wait all day for its visit.

Even a sliver is reassuring.

So though he may be taking some time for himself, I'll spend my nights missing him and knowing in my heart that he'll be back in a few days for me.

Everyone needs occasional alone time.

I guess.

New moons are a sort of blank page. It's a chance to think of exactly what it is I want to be drawing into my life. Preparation for the next cycle.

It's a powerful opportunity to trust in the darkness no matter how uncomfortable and uncertain.

It is a great reminder to have faith.

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