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The Flight

Yesterday was our 5th airplane trip with Kalynn in 2 years. We flew when she was 4 months old to Kansas City, 6 months old to New York (longest flight ever), 18 months to Colorado, 22 months back to Kansas City, and now at 2 years to Kansas City again. She's pretty much a well oiled machine at this point. When I tell her we're going, I have to wait until the day of or else she'll pack her bag and wait by the door until I get my shoes on and go. She's loves the airport. She loves to watch the people come and go, watch the planes come in and take off, to wander to and from the terminals with her roller suitcase and feel like she's one of the "beeg goo trabers" (big girl travelers).

Yesterday was no different. The girl is amazing. We flew two and a half hours from Orange County to Dallas/Fort Worth, had an hour layover, and then flew another hour and 15 minutes to Kansas City International. Never a peep out of her. Well, except at the end when she crapped her pants and moaned a quiet little "sad, mommy, saaaad..." over and over again because she couldn't go in a potty. She's not a big fan of having to sit in poop. Honestly, neither am I. So I get it.

Anyway, here's our trip:

Aaaaand we're off! (again)

No idea why she rolled around on the floor for a few minutes prior to getting on the plane. Something about the "other kids do it" even though there were no other kids around. But whatever...



Watching The Muppets and playing with the barf bag (which coincidentally makes an excellent "sleeping bag" for her Cabbage Patch Baby)

Very ready to be asleep at this point.

On a side note, American Airlines is horrible. I saw at least 2 cockroaches running around at my feet and on both flights the airplane looked like it was going to fall apart. Good thing the flight attendant gave me a couple of glasses of free wine, you know, other wise I would have really cared. (She had a few left over glasses, I happened to be sitting in the very back seat looking like a drinker apparently)

Regardless, we made it safe and sound! We've got the whole house to ourselves for the day until Aunt Kari, Uncle Nick, Cousin Finn and Cousin Harper get out of work and school. Until then, we've got a billion toys laying around this giant house that are brand new (to her), a kitty cat to torture, and our very own "park" in the back yard. It's so nice to be home!