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Twin Peaks: See You In 25 Years

About a week and a half ago, David Lynch posted a very exciting and cryptic tweet directly in a style that only David Lynch would do.

Those of us who have been riding along in the Twin Peaks band wagon the last few decades started getting a little hysterical.

And then...

A few days later, I see this little 60 second YouTube video pop up on the Internet:

Oh. My. God.

You guys.

Showtime is bringing back the television show Twin Peaks for a limited 9 episode 3rd season.

I am so excited I could shit a mouse.

My skin has goosebumps so hard I look like bubble wrap.

Well, grab yourself a cup of damn good coffee, a piece of huckleberry pie, and maybe even a double stacked jelly donut because we're approaching the quarter century mark.

When I was 20 years old, I rented the first season of Twin Peaks on VHS from our local video store. At the time I didn't know a lot about director David Lynch except that he was a genius and that he and Mark Frost had managed to create a show which totally disorientated me and consumed me to the core. It was creepy, it was entrancing, it was curious and hypnotizing.

Twin Peaks was totally uncommercial which is what made me fall so completely in love with it. The characters were authentic, fresh and so very peculiar. The Man From Another Place, The One Armed Man, Killer BOB, Special Agent Dale Cooper... they all left me in a state of spellbound captivation and I wasn't the only one who felt that way. Twin Peaks was nominated for 18 Emmy awards, 4 Golden Globes, and 2 Grammys. In 2004 and 2007, it was ranked numbers 20 and 24 on TV Guide's Top Cult Shows Ever and in 2002, it was labeled as one of the "Top 50 Television Programs of All Time." In 2007, Time Magazine positioned the show on their list of the "100 Best TV Shows of All-Time."

My husband and I are currently in the middle of revisiting this series on Netflix.

If you're planning on doing the same for the very first time, prepare yourself for a wild ride. These episodes are fabulous and groundbreaking entertainment which rocked the world back in their glory days. Truly a gift for all of us cult loving weirdos.