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Wedding Boxes Part 1

After the bridal shower, the bachelorette/bachelor parties, the wedding and the honeymoon had come to a close, I had all this stuff left over that I couldn't just throw out. So I put them all in pretty boxes and the plan is to take them out once a year to wear, look at, and dance around the house in.

Today I'm going through my personal girly bridal one.

From a quick glance it looks like a bunch of random stuff, but I have Tetris'd some of my biggest memories into this box.

Like my very first bridal magazine that Jason's incredible mom bought for me the day we got engaged, my "something blue" NY Mets garter belt that I wore under my wedding dress and the bag I lugged my lip gloss back and forth in all night.

The picture book of my entire engagement process filled with advice from all my married family and friends that my BFF put together for me as a surprise. It's even black and red which were the colors of our wedding.

And also the bouquet for our rehearsal that she made me out of the tissue paper from my bridal shower gifts. (yeah this girl is no joke, she's one in a million)

The Book! With every flyer, brochure and receipt from our florist, officiant, cake, dress, honeymoon, tux, DJ, caterer, venue, shoes, makeup, hair, nails, gifts, photographers, and anything else under the sun. This book was my life line for months. It was my nemesis and my best friend.

My Bachelorette sash and all the beads and fluff that went along with that night.

I also kept a bottle of water from our food tasting, the pocket swatch from Jason's tux, the box he proposed to me with and the headband our gorgeous daughter wore as the flower girl.

Also, there are a few left over invitations and the response cards that trickled in for months after we sent them out. Yes, even the ones who declined. Last but not least, my bridal shower cards, and any left over programs from the wedding all tucked nicely away in a box I received at my bridal shower.

I'm happy I kept these things. I'm sure most brides do. I think it's important to time capsule that day. I just wanted to share mine with all of you!