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Wedding Boxes Part 2

We leave today around 3 to head back to California, so since we'll be in the air the majority of the day, I'll leave you with my second wedding box contents:

A couple weeks ago I was talking about my wedding boxes and all the things I kept in my personal bridal box. This is the smaller of the two but certainly not of less importance. I have just as many memory tied items in this hat box as the last.

We kept every single one of the cards we received. They honestly all meant so much to us, even the little notes that came in packages pre-typed from Bed, Bath and Beyond. We kept them all. Our friends are a bit nuts, so some of them were really funny, some were a bit crass, and some were crazy romantic.

We also have the original copy of all of our wedding pictures from Laura at Elle Photography and the developed disks from the disposable cameras that were sitting on our guest tables. The disposable pictures were just as funny and crass as the cards were. Thanks guys.

The speeches, at least the ones that were written down, were given to us afterwards as gifts. Including our vows that were typed out by our officiant Rev. Anthony Yuro II, who did an amazing job for us.

I kept the spa card from my bachelorette party day at Glen Ivy, the boxes that held our wedding rings, the ribbon and pins that wrapped around my red rose bouquet, and the room keys from our Honeymoon.

Also, a handful of table cards

The wedding programs

Lastly, our OC Register newspaper engagement announcement, our save-the-date magnet and pictures, and the photo booth picture we took on our engagement shoot.

See you tonight!