The Brighter Writer


Sisterhod Of The
Traveling Wedding Dress

My wedding dress was passed along to me as a gift from a great friend of mine. Sort of a "sisterhood of the traveling wedding dress" kind of situation. I had actually already bought and was fitted for another dress, but returned it immediately at the chance to don this one. The other dress was gorgeous as well, and I could have rocked it and had it preserved in a box in my closet and kept it forever and ever and passed it down to my little girl, but I didn't. Because there's something very unexplainably magical about this particular gown.

This dress has history and it has love. It has tears of happiness embedding into its thread from other "I do's." It has a faint stain worn into the underneath from other first dances. It has happy marriages preceding its entrance into mine.

This dress was given to me with one rule:

Pay it forward.

If and when I'm ever in the position to pass it along to someone who will follow the tradition, then do it. Not that I ever want to. I adore this dress. The whole romantic idea of its history, elegance, and tradition is one that I want to hoard and never give away. Not to mention the elaborate crystals, lace and hand beading. Holy moly.


I will someday, when the time is right.

But for now, I open my closet occasionally just to look at my "something borrowed" and remember the day I wore it. And I pretend that I make enough money to buy one just like it for my very own.

Photography by Elle Photography