The Brighter Writer



Ok, so yes I know that the last few days have mainly been revolving around the magical 2nd birthday of our lady toddler. Heads up: the next two days will be as well.

Just wanted to jot down a little synopsis of our day today. Technically it started last night when I was snooping around on Sprout Online to see if Kalynn's card had been posted. It had. It said she was turning 1. Which is just stupid because there was a GIANT 2 on the front of the card. And I can just go ahead and double the stupid because entries can only be from ages 2-6 so her card wasn't chosen because THEIR stupid interns misread our information and she missed the age restriction. Stupids.

With that out of the way, even the disappointment of our fake-out TV debut couldn't stop this day from going smoothly. "2" pancakes first, then web chat with the amazing yet too far away family, then nap, then Disneyland. We took about a million photos, some of them not so great because the convenience of the iPhone struck again. But here are a handful. Totally unedited and straight off the wire.

Post Script: Shout out to DiNana for driving down after work to indulge in birthday burgers and Dumbo rides! xoxoxo