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What Do You Call 50 Avocados
Rolling Down A Hill?

An Avolanche!


Ok anyway...

I had this genius idea last week to try 7 whole days without meat. It sounds good in theory, but between trying to stay away from the house because of the smoke from our fires and starting my new job (post about that to come later this week), it was grilled hot dogs and turkey sandwiches all weekend long. I was also trying to decide in my mind if an egg was considered "meat." I decided it wasn't and tried this new idea out for breakfast this morning. Pretty good, meat-less, and chalked full of healthy deliciousness.

Slice an avo in half.

Cut a slightly bigger hole than the pit made.

Crack an egg directly into the avocado and top with your favorite stuff. (for me it's cheese, cheese, and cheese)

Bake at 425 degrees (I balanced mine in a muffin tin) until you get your desired style of egg. (Mine cooked for 20 minutes until it was medium-hard)

Mommy: "Do you want some breakfast, Sweet Girl?"

Kalynn: "I no like it, the yucky 'cado..."

High Park Fire update:

The fire has jumped just over 3,000 acres since yesterday and is now up to 46,600 with 10% containment. Those containment lines are give and take, controlling certain spots and losing control at others at an equal rate. 1000 fire fighters are now on ground patrol with multiple air resources being added continuously. Today's sheriff's briefing confirmed 30% of the burning area is private land and 70% national forest land. Today's focus for the Larimer County Sheriff's Department is assessing residential damage. Although the fire is moving further from us personally, the smoke here is aggressively thick. With lack of humidity and fast winds, Fort Collins looks like it's snowing in certain places. We've got our doors and windows shut, and with highs in the 90's today we'll most likely be hanging out in the air conditioning. Here is our gorgeous view this morning. Keep in mind, the picture doesn't show the extremity, but there isn't a cloud in the sky today, this is purely smoke.