The Brighter Writer

SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 2012

The Wheel of Wellness

I was reading a blog this morning about motivation and it got me thinking about my own.

Motivation to be healthy, on all levels, is easy to bypass. Especially when you go about your routine and don't take some time to really think about how things are affecting you.

On the blog there was a link posted to the National Wellness Organization with a model of the 6 Dimensions of Wellness. I guess it sort of took me aback just because I had never really thought about there being any kind of components to being "well." But apparently there are: occupational, physical, social, intellectual (ironically, it took me 3 tries to get that spelled right), spiritual and emotional. In order for your clock to run smoothly, you need equal well parts of those things in the relationship you have with yourself. Basically.


So I kept reading.

The Wheel of Wellness

I suppose what I got from it was that I need to be more self aware. After all, if I spend every second of every day looking after someone else and giving her what she needs and wants, that's not really leaving much time to do the same for myself.

Which makes sense. When my environment isn't well, neither are my emotions. When my spiritual life is perfectly in tune, most of my other dimensions follow suit accordingly.

So today I'm making a commitment to get all my dimensions up to par so they can all function properly in this massive brain of mine (Herman's Head episode anyone?) projecting the best possible Me I have to put forward.

My point from all of this rambling? read THIS article. And then think about carrying it out in your own life. I bet it can't hurt, right?