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World's Fastest Workout

Yes. I'm writing exercise posts 2 days before and the day after my cheesecake post. Yes.

I'm about ready to have another piece for breakfast today and my guilt doesn't even stand a chance against the taste of cream cheese, sugar and chocolate. I've already had a lengthy conversation with my own ass about how sorry I am that it has to be this way. It said that it totally understands so I took that as the go-ahead for maybe another small-ish piece for lunch.

I'm not condoning being lazy about exercise, I totally hope that's not the way I'm coming across with my 10 minute arm routine or this post about my 4 minute cardio. If and when you have time to hit the gym or get in a long jog around your neighborhood, then by all means, do it. Your results depend on how much you want to work for it. If you don't work for it, I mean really work for it, then I don't think it's fair to get the results. Such is life.

But sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day or enough coffee in the world that will kick you into gear. It's those times, I use this secret weapon: