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The Yo Gabba Gabba Toodee Doll

With Kalynn being sick this last week, I had plenty of time to sit around. She hasn't really wanted to do anything besides get rocked in our chair and zone out on TV. Which is fine. Having a temperature of over 103 for 3 days would tucker anyone out, let alone a toddler that weighs all of 27 pounds. Her poor little body just needed to rest for a while. So we sat, and we rocked, and I sewed.

Last week I posted about the Yo Gabba Gabba Plex Doll, and this week I finished off our collection with Toodee.

I found a template for Toodee's face online and used that as the pattern for her eyes and whiskers. (Big ups to my Hubs for his outstanding cutting job on her eyes and nose) Since my marker wasn't showing up on the black felt, I used a piece of white chalk to outline the eyelashes.

The template is only for half of Toodee's body, so I traced her ears and improvised the bottom on 2 pieces of Cadet Blue felt.

I did the same thing for the light blue chin and belly.

Her tail was a little bit tricky. I cut identical spikes from the light blue felt and sewed together only the tops so that the bottom could still be spread apart.

Then I sewed each side down on the darker felt starting right between her ears.

Her tail was improvised as I went along as well.

Along with her tail, the arms and legs were free handed. Because that's how I roll.

Our family is complete!