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Young McKalynn Had A Farm... E-I-E-I-O!

When we first arrived in Fort Collins, I picked up a pamphlet from the visiting center called "Fun Things To Do With Kids In Fort Collins." Since then, I've been trying to check off the most interesting things on the list. The Farm at Lee Martinez Park was the 2nd to last listing. (Very last is seeing the Clydesdale's at Anheuser Busch Brewery and those Budweiser beauties happen to be making an appearance this weekend after a hectic Spring traveling schedule!)

So here we were. A far far far cry from Orange County. Out in the middle of nowhere with pigs and sheep and horses and cows. Kalynn loves animals as much as any toddler does, so she was pleasantly surprised when we pulled up to the sound of clucking and mooing.

She pet horsies

yelled at some duckies

compared her piggy tails with piggy noses

sniffed some flowers

smacked 2 goats lovingly (hard!) on the head simultaneously

pumped water from a well

found a feral kitty

"drove" a tractor

rode in a wheelbarrow

hunted for giant fire ants

went back to torment the goats

climbed in the silo

and on our way out, she had a long conversation with a baby cow about the chickens she had seen in the other barn.

We were pleasantly surprised to find a giant playground directly across from the exit which gave us something to do for another hour or so.

Across from the playground, we found a nature trail and decided to go for a mini hike to see if we could find any super cool walking sticks.

But once we got half way down the trail, exhaustion set in and I ended up carrying her tiny little sweaty self back to the car.

One bag of fruit snacks and half a sippy later, we were back at home recouping from our adventures with an episode of Max and Ruby. We've really had an awesome summer here in Colorado so far and it's only been a couple weeks. I can't wait to see what else there is to explore here!